Accompany me to the Village


Size: S

Cropped high waisted batik print pants

STORY BEHIND THE BATIK TULIS: Accompany Me to the Village

“Accompany me to the Village”  batik trousers depicts motifs “Kompeni Pasar” in the Indonesian language, meaning the company morning market. Depicts life at the morning market, this pattern is a way to tell a story about life, both in the past during the Dutch colonial era or today. Various versions of this pattern have been created to story tell about the variety of marine life, markets, transportation etc. All patterns that are created depend on the imagination of the artists themselves.

“Batik Tulis” means a free-hand painting technique using melted wax to design a motif based on a heritage of Indonesian symbolism on textiles. This specific fabric was hand dyed and hand drawn by batik artists in Cirebon, Indonesia.

The fabric has been specially hand-drawn and irregularities are a natural characteristic of this fabric.

Technical Specifications

Key Value
Height 150
Hips 50
Waist 35
Width 40