Chianti Leather Rusa Skirt


Size: XS

Paneled Midi Skirt with Chianti Leather Waistband and Piping.


The Tenun-Ikat is a weaving process which begins with spinning a mixture of cotton or wool, then creating the natural dyes using raw ingredients, and designing though resist-dyeing technique the traditional motifs that symbolizes life and the cosmological beliefs of the Sumbanese culture.With today’s rising numbers of mass produced clothing, the number of Sumbanese weavers has been drastically decreasing. The two traditional motifs depicting a deer are woven with the interpretation of the weaver on the Sumbanese panel, accompanied by  geometric patterns. The symbolism of deer suggests the nobility as the deer are only to be hunted by Sumban Nobels.

The fabric has been specially hand-woven and irregularities are a natural characteristic of this fabric.