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Javan Silk Skirt


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Silk High-waisted maxi color-blocked Javan batik cloud skirt


The traditional batik silk in this garment is called a Batik Megamendung. Originated from Cirebon, West Java in Indonesia, the emergence of the Megamendung motif is related to the arrival of the Chinese in region of Cirebon based on historical literature. Mega meaning cloud, and Mendung meaning the cloudy weather, this particular blue and red motif of the batik silk used in this garment symbolizes the infinite and quiet sky as the carrier signifies the bearer fertility and giver of life. The production process of making this textile used in this piece is called Batik Tulis, a resist dye technique where the designs are hand drawn with wax and then dyed by natural colours, followed by different stages depending on each individual motif designs.

The fabric has been specially hand-drawn and irregularities are a natural characteristic of this fabric.