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Quilt Collar Coat


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Long Wool Tweed Coat with Quilted Collar 


The Batik fabric depicts motifs “Kompeni Pasar” in Indonesian, meaning the “Morning Market”. This pattern is used as a way to tell a story about life, both in the past during the Dutch colonial era or today. Various versions of this pattern have been created to story tell about the variety of marine life, markets, transportation etc. All patterns that are created depend on the imagination of the artists themselves.

The Pinawetengan fabric is inspired by the carvings on the Watu Pinawetengan, unearthed in 1888 by the villagers of Kanonang, however the stone itself dates back to the Seventh century. The motif illustrates three figures found on the lower west part of the rock, Dewi Karemah, Dewi Lumimuut and Dewa Toar. Their bodies are covered as glacial period made this region a lot cooler than it is today. The Tenun Pinawetengan fabric was worn by the Pinawetengan people of North Sulawesi.

The fabric has been specially hand-drawn and irregularities are a natural characteristic of this fabric.