Walk Through Paradise


Size: L

High waisted batik print palazzo pants


“Walk through Paradise”  batik trousers depicts the motif of Indonesian flowers which is also called Motif Bunga. The motif symbolizes happiness, enlightenment, beauty, sweetness and purity. The Batik-Tulis Cenderawasih is a hand-drawn batik with a bird of paradise motif usually displayed in formal Indonesian events as a sign of respect. The etymology of cenderawasih is from cendra or moon gods and wasi meaning representative or envoy, and hence becomes the messenger of the moon gods. Inspired by several regions in Indonesia, this mesmerizing design captures the essence of the Cirebon regionknown for its vibrant and colorful batik designs, the Pekalongan regionknown for their Chinese inspired floral designs, and the Yogyakarta regionknown for their neutral/mostly brown motifs. Mentioned in the mystical book of Tajul muluk, the bird comes from heaven and is side by side with the guardians. Its head golden-yellow with four pairs of unfathomable wings and two elongated feathers its tail. Surely whomever had the chance to see such beauty was stunned and amazed by the uniqueness of this bird.

“Batik Tulis” means a free-hand painting technique using melted wax to design a motif based on a heritage of Indonesian symbolism on textiles. This specific fabric was hand dyed and hand drawn by batik artists in Cirebon, Indonesia.

The fabric has been specially hand-drawn and irregularities are a natural characteristic of this fabric.