Lounge In Lilly Life


Size: M

Cropped high waisted batik print pants


“Lounge in Lilly Life”  batik trousers depicts the motif of European flowers which is also called Motif Bunga. The motif symbolizes happiness, enlightenment, beauty, sweetness and purity.

Is Coastal batik with buketan motif from Cirebon,Java. The name buketan derived from the word “bouquet”. This floral bouquet pattern depicts flowers, butterflies and plants that grow in Europe inspired by the european style, the Buketan Batik originated during Dutch East Indies colonial era of Java.

The pictures are arranged in a beautiful series, with beautiful colors. Batik motif buketan developed in the coastal areas of Java in the 19th century. Along with the influence of Europe in colonial times, especially the Netherlands. In addition batik buketan motif is also influenced by the existence of traders and batik entrepreneurs from China in the past.

“Batik Tulis” means a free-hand painting technique using melted wax to design a motif based on a heritage of Indonesian symbolism on textiles. This specific fabric was hand dyed and hand drawn by batik artists in Cirebon, Indonesia.

The fabric has been specially hand-drawn and irregularities are a natural characteristic of this fabric.