Gringsing Crêpe Jumpsuit


Size: XS

Backless Sage Green Crêpe with Gringsing Single Ikat, Wide Leg Jumpsuit


Geringsing double Ikat can only be found in Tenganan, a village east of Bali, in Indonesia. Secluded from other communities, the legend of this village is said to be that their people were selected by Indra, a Hindu God, to make a divine community that is microcosm to the world. The Tenganan villagers were instructed to use every means to keep it pure and clean. Only those born in the village may stay and join the village community.

The Ikat is made using a single loom, hence barring its name as Single Ikat and is a time consuming and arduous process of hand-weaving. It consists of spinning the cotton fibers into a yarn, then spread into several lines for the motif design process to begin with a resist dye by tying the yarns with a raffia rope. Once complete, it is left to dry outdoors and the weaving process begins with a bamboo hand-loom.

The fabric has been specially hand-made and irregularities are a natural characteristic of this fabric.